1. Light and Shadows by NLL

  2. Photoshopped turkeys!

    But which is the real (original) turkey??

  3. moderngirlblitz:


    I’ve FINALLY gotten around to doing one of these, and since I’ve recently hit 10k sales in my etsy shop, I thought a giveaway would be a good way to thank you guys for your continued support FIRST PLACE//
    You will recieve everything pictured which includes:
    - Slime Tote Bag
    - Dear Patriarchy Patch
    - Not Your Doll Pocket Mirror
    - My Choice, Cool Cat, And Total Babe Button
    - Feminist Banner Brooch
    - Feminist Forever Sticker
    - A personalized Valentine from yours truly

    - Any 3 buttons of your choice from my shop
    - A personalized Valentine from yours truly

    - Any pocket mirror of your choice from my shop
    - A personalized Valentine from yours truly


    - Reblog this post to enter, you may reblog up to three times.
    - Giveaway blogs need not apply!
    - You must be following me for your entry(s) to count.
    - You also must have an open ask box/a way for me to contact you on your blog page in the case that you win! If I don’t hear back from you within 48 hours I will have to pick someone else!
    - Giveaway ends FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH (Valentines Day) at 12PM EST. Winners will be selected in order using a random number generator thingy.

    OK, thats it! GOOD LUCK!!!!!


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  4. Happy by NLL

  5. Josh, Thanksgiving 2013 by NLL

  6. Berkshire Winter by NLL

  7. 2nd Avenue, NYC by NLL

  8. 9th Street, NYC by NLL

  9. The Freshman by NLL 

  10. Saturday Night Dance Party by NLL

  11. Cameron at the Window by NLL 

  12. The Inaugural Andrew’s House Portrait by NLL

  13. Megan and Jessie in Lynd by NLL


  14. More Photos Coming Soon!

    I apologize for the lack of posts lately, but now I am back at school in the midst of my darling muses!

  15. Ted in Mammoth by NLL